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Map North WalesWaste is an issue that affects everyone – that’s why we want YOU to get involved!

The adopted North Wales Regional Waste Plan provides a landuse planning framework for the region and will inform Local Development Plans. If you have comments relating specifically to operational issues such as collection please contact your local council through the 'useful links' page or click here to access your local council website.

You can make a difference, whether you are a resident in the North Region, a business, a member of the waste industry, a member of an environmental group or indeed anyone with an interest in waste matters. It is your comments and opinions which help shape the regional waste planning process.
You can get involved all year round by contacting the coordinating authority at wasteplan@denbighshire.gov.uk.

The list of options on the left hand side of this page provides information on the Waste Plan for the Region. You are advised to read the information in "Contents " and "Introduction" first and this will give you a better understanding of what we are doing and what the other information boxes mean.

The North Wales Regional Waste Plan 1st Review was endorsed by the North Wales Local Authorities in April 2009 and agreed by the Welsh Assembly Government in September 2009. The RWP 1st Review now becomes a strategic framework for the preparation of Local Development Plans and a material consideration in the development control process.

Thanks for your interest.

Planning Services, Denbighshire County Council (coordinating authority for the production of the North Wales Regional Waste Plan).